Hand-held Bags

L.D.P.E. Reinforced bags can also be made without reinforcement depending on the place of use. These bags are shiny and thick. The printing is more vivid on the bag. Due to its thick and reinforced weight, its number in weight is low. Cost to the consumer is high.

H.D.P.E. The most important feature of reinforced bags is thin, but they do not need reinforcement. For this reason, the number in the weight increases more. Since the material itself is matte, it becomes dull in printing. Cost to the consumer will be lower than L.D.P.E. For these reasons, it is more preferred recently.

H.D.P.E. Reinforced bags are a product that is welcomed by everyone with its evil eye bead pattern. These bags, which are mostly preferred by boutique style stores, have established themselves with their durability and beautiful appearance.

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