Çağlayan Plastik is working to bring innovative ideas. Environmentally Bio-Soluble and Anti
There are many different options including microbacterial solutions. Our environmentally friendly bags are grocery store,
market, buffet, restaurant, cafe, etc. is an important factor of the retail operation.

Extremely fast, easy and trouble-free use. Hygienic packaging. With Low Cost features. Your customers
and you will love the innovation from Çağlayan Plastik because of the ability of your company to represent your image.

• Each bag comes out with an opened mouth and provides ease of use to customers.
• Robust and durable structure. It is attractive with its standard printed designs specific to the sectors.
• Sanitary: The bags in the box are not affected by the external environment.
• Message and brand can be printed on the bags and bag box.
• Minimizes bag waste thanks to its ergonomic design.

• Allows customers to be sure that the bags they use for shopping are clean.
• Prevents bag mess.

• Provides proper storage of bags.

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